Thursday, May 13, 2004

Ponderings, Part 723

Ate Chinese buffet tonight with the short guy, he got 5 fortune cookies from the waitress...
Now we're watching Kim Possible, the villain has a quivering bug-eyed chihuahua...The hero's sidekick has a naked mole rat. What's not to love?
I'm procrastinating. I should be either studying for the bar or working... And I'm doing neither. I have a theory as to why...I'm avoiding the next case that's coming my way--It's a child molestation case--and those are the worst. I've worked on murder cases, including one where the victim was about as close to being a saint on earth as it's possible to get, but even those don't begin to touch a case where someone has violated a child. In this case, at least two children.
Speaking of child molesters, apparently a particular relative of mine who has a reputation as a pervert is coming to my graduation. I'm not sure why. I've refused to have any kind of relationship with him for the last decade or so... Basically since I was old enough to have a say in the matter. And yet I hear that he's coming. I can't figure out why most of the relatives who are coming are coming... My father, stepmother, grandmother, my son, my mother (maybe...she missed my baccalaureate graduation, I guess she feels like she has to be there for this one. I know it's a financial strain on her, not to mention a physical strain...She couldn't be talked out of being there), my fiance...Those folks I can see coming. Even my ex-husband and college ex-boyfriend and his fiancee... (heh, 3 of 4 men I've slept with will be at my graduation...How weird is that? They all get along, too. I figure it means I picked pretty well in the past in that they're all decent enough guys that I still like them and they like each other...well, sort of) But most of the rest of them? Heh, the occupants of the only trailers in the U.S. to have menorahs in the window...
Other imponderables... Why are those of us with Juris Doctor degrees the only doctors who don't get the honorific Dr.? Doesn't that suck!


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Blogger Burgh Baby said...

There is NOTHING worse than having to work on a case involve child abuse of any form. I used to work with DV and SA agencies, and occassionally a Child Advocacy Center. CAC's were ALWAYS the worst, by far. There are far too many people in this world that don't deserve to breath.

7:49 AM  

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